Consultation to local authorities and health professionals

I can provide prompt consultation for social workers, health professionals or parents when there are concerns about a child either in an adoptive or permanent foster placement, or are in the process of being placed in a placement.

I can provide an assessment of the child’s emotional needs  in relation to their parent/carer.  As well as provide ongoing therapeutic support or an intensive therapeutic intervention to improve any attachment issues  between the child and their parent/carer.

The consultation service provided

Initial consultation

The consultation would explore the current concerns in relation to the child, with the child’s emotional health being uppermost.  The consultation would initially consist of five sessions each lasting up to one and a half hours.  Typically, the order of the consultation would be as follows:-

  • Prior to any consultation, the local authority social worker would provide me with a brief outline of the family situation, together with any relevant papers or reports. 
  • A meeting with the the social worker for the child;  
  • A meeting with the professional offering individual support to the parents/carers (ie link worker, health professional) and the parents/carers.
  • A short term plan would be agreed with the social worker and the professional offering support, together with the parents/carers. 
  • The plan would be reviewed in two subsequent meetings, within six weeks. 
  • Concerns in relation to the child (with the child’s emotional health needs being paramount) would be explored and a short-term plan would be agreed.  With a session offered as a review of the plan. 

Complex consultation

Following the initial consultation, if it becomes evident that the needs of child and parents/carers are more complex.  Then a therapeutic assessment could be carried out of the child and parent/carer’s relationship, with a package of intensive therapy to address any attachment issues in the relationship as well as ongoing support.

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