Play Therapy Clients’ Feedback

Some anonymized comments from Debra May’s play therapy clients (children and families). Permission was granted from the adults to share the below comments.

Child A

Grandmother (carer) and A’s views in relation to the attachment therapy.

Child ‘A’: “I love you.”

Grandmother: “Both A and I have learnt a lot from the sessions with Debra. I have understood a lot better and learnt to cope with A’s emotions a lot easier. Although A still has her moments I can understand and cope better. A and I have enjoyed the sessions thoroughly.”

Children B and C

Adoptive parents and B’s views in relation to the attachment therapy.

Child B re therapy with Daddy: “I like playing with Daddy.”

Child B’s comments on playing with Mummy: “It’s good.”

Dad’s comment: “It’s brought B on in ‘leaps and bounds’, it was right to do it with C so she didn’t miss out and it’s been fun for her. But, we’ve needed it for B.”

Mum’s comment: “Overall, it’s been really helpful. It’s definitely helped with the bonding. It’s taught me how to play. In the beginning I felt out of my depth with it and I don’t anymore.”

Child D

Adoptive parents and D’s views in relation to the attachment therapy.

Child D: “I like it. I like you. You say what we have to do and you make us do the games.”

Mum’s views of the therapy: “I didn’t understand it at first. I now understood reflection and when I try to do it, 50% of the time it works. It is actually nice quality time together.”

Dad’s views of the therapy: “I think it is helping us ‘bit by bit’ to attune to D. I wasn’t sure what was happening at first, but as it’s gone on I’ve understood more because you haven’t told us in advance what the reason for doing what we’ve done. It’s give me some other ways to deal with things with D.”