About Debra May

Debra May
Registered Play Therapist, Accredited EMDR Practitioner and Director of Child and Family Play Therapy Ltd.

Debra has over twenty years’ experience of working with children and families providing a range of assessment and therapeutic services through the use of play and drama. She specialises in working with children individually, as well as with their parents/carers where there are attachment issues complicated by previous traumatic experiences for both the child and their parent.
She runs a busy private practice providing training workshops of how to use play therapy and EMDR together to help a child process any traumatic memories.

Debra’s Publications:
May, D. (2006) “Time-Limited Play Therapy to Enhance Resiliency in Children”. In C. E. Schaefer and H.E. Kaduson (Eds) Contemporary Play Therapy, (pp.293-306). New York: Guilford Press.
May, D., (2009) “A System to Analyze a Child’s resilience from their individual Play Therapy. British Journal of Play Therapy, (Winter).
May, D., Mowthorpe, L., Griffiths, E., (2014)“Teetering on the edge of care: the role of intensive attachment-based play therapies” Adoption and Fostering Journal, BAAF, Volume 38 Issue 2 July 2014 pp. 131 – 148.

Please contact Debra on debramayplaytherapy@aol.co.uk to find out more.